Actor Yul Edochie gives marriage advice to singles


Actor Yul Edochie, known for his controversial views on marriage, has shared a heartfelt message for those contemplating on getting married. In an Instagram post, the polygamist reminded single individuals considering marriage about the beauty of this institution, despite the rising divorce rates.

When discussing marriage, Yul Edochie emphasized that a decade-long relationship can sometimes end quickly, whereas a marriage between two people who have just met can stand the test of time.

His advice stressed that marriage should not be approached as a life-or-death matter, and often, the reasons behind marital breakdowns may not surface on social media.

“If your dream is to get married, go ahead & achieve your dream. A few tips can help you have a long lasting marriage but there’s no laid down proven formular to it. You can marry someone you dated for 10yrs & the marriage won’t last.

“You can marry someone you met yesterday and have a long lasting marriage.
And most times the main reason for a marriage crash is not revealed on social media.
“Only the couple actually know exactly what went wrong.
Marriage is also not a do or die affair.

Try your best to make it work, if it doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world.

“Wish yourselves well and move on.
Some journeys last forever.
While some journeys have to end for others to begin. Love & Peace always,” he admonished.


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