CEO Omoola Exclusive Unisex Salon acquires new car


Waris Opeyemi Ayoade popularly known as Omoola splashed millions for a new car. The dynamo behind Omoola Exclusive Unisex Salon, has just driven into a brand-new chapter of life with a swanky new ride

This isn’t just any car; it’s the vehicle of ambition, hard work, and countless dreams coming true.

CEO Omoola who is known for supporting students on campus has proven that he doesn’t just know how to style hair; but knows how to style life. From making heads turn with fabulous makeovers to turning the streets into his own personal runway, he is the definition of style and substance.

And this new car? It’s the perfect reflection of his relentless drive to succeed.

So, let’s all join in the celebration and wish our visionary leader all the best on this exciting journey.


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