Fans reacts over Zubby Michael’s Movie snippet with Obio Oluebube


Popular Nollywood entertainer and maker, Zubby Michael, has created very much a ruckus via online entertainment with a clever video including his partner, Ebube Obi.

The clasp is from their forthcoming film project, where Zubby is seen lifting Ebube as though she were a kid, setting her before a bike.

In the scene, apparently the Nollywood stars are depicting characters giving a conveyance administration in the film. The video catches the funny and engaging side of their exhibitions, displaying their science on screen and their capacity to draw in the crowd with their shenanigans.

Zubby Michael’s hilarious video, which he posted to his Instagram account, received a lot of attention from fans and followers, as well as Nollywood fans. As a result of the on-screen dynamic between Zubby and Ebube, viewers are eager to see the full movie and witness the engaging performances of the duo.


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