MC Oluomo “We won’t join Labor strike”


Members of the Lagos State Parks and Garages Management Committee have stated that they will not participate in the planned nationwide protest by organized labor organizations.
During a meeting with leaders and operators of transport unions on Tuesday, the Chairman of the LSPG, Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya, also known as MC Oluomo, made this disclosure.
He stated, “We, the state executives and the entire members of Lagos State Parks and Garages met today in Lagos to review the situation in the country, particularly in Lagos, following the removal of the oil subsidy by the Federal Government.” This was in response to the removal of the oil subsidy.
“After much thoughts and survey, we talked about the significant expense of food, transport admissions and different areas of public interest, specifically, the arrangement by the coordinated Trade guilds for example the Nigeria Work Congress (NLC) and the Worker’s organization Congress (TUC) to call laborers out protesting activity

“After a cautious conversation, we reasoned that we won’t be essential for any strike or dissent rally being wanted to cause the National Government to notice the issue being bantered in the country.
“All transport family and individuals will be working to pass individuals on to their different objections without issue since Lagos State Government has reported a few mediations in the area.”
Akinsanya also made relief announcements at the meeting for commercial bus passengers and drivers to cushion the impact of the Federal Government’s removal of the fuel subsidy.

The LSPG supervisor said the tickets offered to drivers at parks for N800 would now be N600 and all reserving charges would be diminished by 25%.

Akinsanya stated that passengers’ transportation fares would be reduced from N500 to N300 on some routes, while those paying N200 will pay N150 in other locations.
He added that commercial motorcycle and tricycle operators would receive a 25% discount on union-purchased tickets.
Akinsanya declared a team group that would screen the execution of the mandates while likewise advance notice different stops and carports leaders to guarantee consistence, expressing that authorizations would be distributed on defaulters.
The team would be driven by all individuals from state chiefs, parks’ administrators and chosen association pioneers.
Oluomo stated that the agency would do everything in its power not to annoy the general public.
He said the mandate was a development to the declaration of Lead representative Sanwo-Olu on transport charges decrease

“Lagos State Government has given a helpful environment to our tasks. There is, thusly, no great explanation for us to join any strike that might undermine the tranquility of the state. The state government’s various palliative measures, including a 50 percent reduction in government-operated public transportation and a lowering of our Yellow Bus fares, will also significantly mitigate the impact of the subsidy removal.
“We have also begun internal measures like lowering the prices of union tickets and government tickets for Lagos State. With this, there will be a decrease in transport passages by business drivers,” Akinsanya said


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