Meet Ayomide Ajao: Your Financial Wizard


Born Ayomide Ajao Oluwatoyin also known as MyJoy. A student of Adeseun Ogundoyin Polytechnic Eruwa Oyo state, Faculty of communication and management department of mass communication, higher national diploma one. ! 🌟


Unlocking Financial Brilliance, One Calculation at a Time 

In the bustling world of student communication, where every message carries the power to inspire, educate, and unite, there’s one name that stands tall – Ayomide Ajao. With a passion for numbers that rivals the mightiest of superheroes, Ayomide is on a mission to elevate the Association of Student Communicators to new financial heights.


From Pocket Money to Policy Plans.


Born with an innate knack for financial finesse, Ayomide’s journey started with managing her own pocket money. But she soon realized that her love for numbers had a much grander purpose. She aspire to take the financial reins of the Association of Student Communicators and transform it into a beacon of financial excellence.


Finance is Not Just About Numbers; It’s About People


What sets Ayomide apart is her unwavering belief that finance isn’t just about numbers on a balance sheet; it’s about empowering people. She envisions a future where every student communicator has access to the resources they need to thrive.


Ayomide’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and financial responsibility ensures that the association’s funds are managed wisely for the benefit of all.


Crunching Numbers and Setting Goals 


Her financial acumen is second to none.she  doesn’t just crunch numbers; she sets goals, creates budgets, and crafts financial roadmaps that lead to success. With her at the helm, you can trust that finances will be in safe hands, enabling you to focus on your mission of effective communication.


Academic achievements 


Winner FACMAS Oratory contest 2023 


Winner ASCOM quiz competition 2023 


Winner at NYSC speech contest 2020 


Winner FACMAS oratory contest 2020


Represented the school at an inter-institutional speech contest and came home with a silver award🥈2021


Hobbies – 

Communication skills

Writing skills 

Reconciling skills

Hobbies:Traveling and cooking. 


Watch out for her at the departmental level.


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