Samklef reacts as Mohbad exposes NDLEA in new confession video


Popular Nigerian music producer and blogger Samklef has reacted to the trending video of late singer MOHBAD.

Dear @ndlea_nigeria,

I am deeply concerned and frustrated by your actions, and I want to make it clear that I won’t take this lightly. I’ve been gathering more evidence of how you have mistreated this young man. I previously informed you that I am prepared to go to great lengths to address this issue, and I’m ready to follow through on that promise.

Mohbad won’t be your last victim, and I guarantee that. This is a confession from the late Mohbad about how @ndlea_nigeria gave him a white substance at your office. I recall telling everyone how Naira Marley paid @ndlea_nigeria to apprehend Mohbad and link him to drug-related allegations. They came, handled him roughly, even threatened him with a gun, causing him injury, which he endured for a while.

However, when he arrived at your office, he wasn’t the only one arrested, but he was the only one given the substance. Since when did NDLEA become a medical facility for administering substances? You’ve made life a living hell for this young man. @ndlea_nigeria, you are not innocent, and we are calmly seeking answers. There has been silence from all quarters, and I want to remind you that the End SARS movement began like this. When there’s no one else to challenge, it’s the youth who step up.

We demand answers. What did you give Imole to drink? He wasn’t the only one picked, as instructed by your sponsor, Naira Marley. We will unite and make our voices heard, and it will be a lengthy process. You better start talking. The youth won’t hesitate to take to the streets with placards to demand answers if necessary. We are waiting! Let’s all rally to @ndlea_nigeria’s page and demand the answers they owe us. You have questions to answer.



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